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Valiant Seed

Written by Sarah Ali, Mt. Hood Region Vice President

Throughout the state of Oregon, the homeless level has grown significantly in recent years. To help reverse this trend, Oregon FBLA has decided to partner with Valiant Seed, an organization that helps veterans in our state. After visiting Portland and recognizing the large amount of people that were living on the street with no shelter, the organization’s founder, Teresa Mankin, decided to take action. This year, Oregon FBLA encourages   every chapter to raise money for this organization.

Participation with Valiant Seed - like the March of Dimes and Pay It Forward - will be a part of a new service program called the Super Service Awards. These awards will be given to chapters that excel in service for these organizations. Veterans that served our country should not live on the streets; therefore, let’s take the initiative and start fundraising!

Click here to learn more about Valiant Seed.

Valiant Seed provides at-risk veterans homes in a cooperative, environmentally responsible community that utilizes the concepts of permaculture, holistic living, microenterprise, organic food production and sustainability. Veterans are afforded access to community services including health care and job training in an environment that nurtures self-empowerment, mutual respect and individual freedom.