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Yearly Overview

Seasons greetings from the Oregon FBLA State Officer Team! As the year speeds by at the rate of a bullet train, the New Year has quickly come upon us. In the year ahead, there are many exciting activities and opportunities planned! The State Officer Team is working hard to ignite innovation at all of these events!


The Regional Skills Conferences are one of the first events to occur in 2013! These will be taking place within each region during the month of February. Each region will be hosting workshops throughout the conference. In addition this year, there will be activities promoting the March of Dimes. The activities will vary from region to region but might include a mini march, guest speakers, and contributions for a cause.


The incorporation of the March of Dimes into the Regional Skills Conferences originates from a new Oregon FBLA project called March to the Top. This is a competition between regions to raise money for the March of Dimes. The March to the Top project started at the beginning of the year and will continue through the Regional Skills Conferences. At the State Business Leadership Conference the winning region will be recognized, so start saving your change to donate!


Another exciting new event this year is Energize Oregon! This is an event scheduled only four times throughout the year. The goal is for chapters around the state to come together for various activities that encourage networking amongst members. The list of possibilities is endless! So far this year we have seen dodge ball tournaments, pizza parties, and ice cream socials. There is two Energize Oregon dates scheduled for this year. The first will take place on February 8th, and the final Energize Oregon will be held on March 15th. Let’s make the next Energize Oregon more exciting and invite multiple chapters to your area. Don’t be afraid to get creative when thinking of activities!


After the Regional Skills Conferences and Energize Oregon activities, it will be time for the State Business Leadership Conference once again. The 2013 SBLC will be held in Portland, Oregon on April 4th-6th. There will be educational workshops, a fantastic keynote speaker, and competitions to top it all off!


Last but most definitely not least, the National Leadership Conference will be held in Anaheim, California this year! The conference will take place from June 24th-July 1st. Once again, NLC will be another entertaining and educational experience for all to attend.


There are lots of new opportunities in 2013 to help you ignite innovation within your community! With this in mind, pull out your calendar and mark the important dates. We will see you soon Oregon FBLA!