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Is your chapter attending OLI--the Oregon Leadership Institute--in Bend, Oregon, at the Riverside Resort on November 1 and 2, 2015? Here are five--yes, 5!--reasons you and your chapter should attend!

Keynote Speaker

Ashton - OLI Blog - Jeff Jones

To kick start the 2015 Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI), we will be inviting Jeff Jones on stage as our keynote speaker during opening session. While traveling the world with his band, Big Daddy Weave, Jones connected with students all over the globe. Big Daddy Weave was a huge hit, with over 1.5 million albums sold. After about thirteen years touring with Big Daddy Weave, Jones found his calling as a youth speaker. Jones speaks from the heart and teaches young adults about making W.I.S.E decisions. W.I.S.E is an acronym for “What I Sacrifice Every Day.”


While at OLI, you will be able to attend many workshops hosted by each CTSO. Since the theme of OLI this year is Super Heroes, each workshop will have its own unique super hero element. You will have the amazing opportunity to learn so much more about the new membership system, how to better recruit members, and the benefits of recruiting or starting a new chapter. You will also be taught strategies and given ideas on how to keep your chapter and members productive. Productive members make for a more successful chapter.

Networking with Members from Other CTSOs

Networking is one of the greatest resources of an FBLA member. At the Oregon Leadership Institute, you will have the opportunity to meet members of other major CTSOs and learn from them. Using other chapter’s ideas and sharing your own could prove to be very useful, especially when your chapter has exhausted all of your own ideas. OLI is also the perfect opportunity to get contact information so you can stay in touch with the other amazing members you meet at OLI.

Meet State Officers

In addition to members, state officers of the CTSOs will be attending the conference. State officers will be facilitating their CTSO workshop so be sure to attend the FBLA state officer’s workshop. OLI would be the perfect opportunity to approach the state officers and ask them questions or voice any concerns. Feel free to ask about becoming a state officer or for a chapter visit.

Etiquette Dinner

During OLI, there is an etiquette dinner where members learn how to eat properly. Just like FBLA’s other major conferences, there is always room for a little bit of fun. The etiquette dinner is an exciting social event that allows members to enjoy themselves while connecting with other members. This is another perfect time to associate with members from other chapters and state officers.