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5 Tips to Help You Win at State


  1.  Be sure to check your equipment before you go into the room.  Because in most events you only get 5 minutes to set up, you want to have no technology troubles!  This might mean to find a power outlet and check your projector, computer, iPad, or whatever else you may be using before entering the competition room.
  2. Before you shake the judges’ hands, make sure you run them on your pants or skirt first.  We all get nervous before we compete, and judges don’t want to touch sticky hands all day!  If you do this, don’t make it a big deal.  It should be a quick swipe of your hand on your pants right before you shake hands.
  3. Shake the judges’ hands both before and after your presentation.  After you set up your technology, introduce yourself and the school you’re representing.  Before you leave the room, say thank you and shake the judges’ hands again!
  4. Practice your presentation before you enter the room.  Even if you practice without your technology, say your speech over and over.  This ensures you won’t stumble on your words while in the room!
  5. Check in with the person at the door at least half an hour before you’re scheduled to present.  Most of the time, getting there an hour early is even better.  Schools sometimes miss their times, and you can go before them.  This makes you look great!