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Community Service Awards

Written by Rylie Chrusoskie, Willamette Valley Region Vice President

CSA’s - or Community Service Awards - are a great thing to accomplish in FBLA. Through this program you are giving back to your community and getting an award for your service. CSA’s are awarded to individual members at three different levels:

  • CSA Community: 50 Hours
  • CSA Service: 200 Hours
  • CSA Achievement: 500 Hours

CSA’s points are built up throughout an FBLA member’s career. Award recipients receive a certificate of recognition, which your adviser will present to you once a CSA has been submitted. Each year at the National Leadership Conference (NLC), members earning the CSA Achievement awards are also recognized. All Community and Service awards must be submitted by March 1, and all Achievement awards must be submitted by April 25. Once the deadlines pass members can no longer submitted anymore hours for that year. They can continue to log hours, but they cannot be submitted until the following membership year.

Chapters or individuals can volunteer at a local hospital, or offer to mow someone's lawn. It is more fun if you get others involved with the same things you are volunteering for. You are also more likely to keep volunteering if you aren’t doing it alone! Some other community service projects you might do can benefit your school. You could hold a competition between grade levels for the most amount of change to be donated to the March of Dimes. Another idea is to partner with a different student organization to host a kids/parents night out! Plan to have fun games, mini competitions, and fun snacks. Parents would love to have a little time to themselves. The money you raise from that event can be donated to any worthy cause.