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Corporate Sponsorships: Tips For Becoming a Pro!

Corporate sponsorships can help our chapters reach whole new levels of monetary success! Your local businesses want to help out. Chances are, they just don’t know what FBLA is! Gain corporate sponsorships, by following these top 7 guidelines!

1. Get Personal. Talk to them! Businesses are people! You are getting donations from owners, and these owners want to connect on a personal level. These businesses are overjoyed to hear your stories, and what FBLA has done for you directly.

2. Get Broad. Although you want the businesses in your community ultimately to help you out with funding, they need to know the bigger picture. They need to know what this will give you to take back to your local chapter and help change the lives of other students as well.

3. Explain, Explain, Explain. Businesses are always eager to help out the faces of tomorrow…if they know what the faces of tomorrow are doing. Tell them what FBLA is, and help them understand exactly how FBLA will help to better prepare you for the future. If you need help on your “elevator speech,” just contact one of your state officers, we would be happy to help!

4. Show them. These people don’t typically know exactly what an FBLA conference entails. Give them highlight videos, and upcoming conference advertisements. These videos will give businesses the opportunity to get a grasp on exactly what they are supporting.

5. Hand Signed. We know you have a ton of letters to pass out, and places to visit; however the amount of effort you put in is equivalent to the business’s effort. If you put your best foot forward with a hand signed letter, they are so much more likely to help your cause.

6. Impressions. We are a business organization, and we need to represent ourselves as such at all times. Wear business attire, and carry yourself in a professional manner. Make sure you have everything you are planning to deliver to them in one neat package. Present yourself as the business professionals you are, and businesses will love you!

7. Thank Them!Businesses give tons of contributions every year! Thank them in a way that will stand out. Get cards printed! Put a group picture of every member that attended, and yet again, hand sign the letter. Make sure the letter has a clean appeal, picture, your chapter name, and thanks them on the front, as many businesses will hang these up. If you really want to set yourself apart. Give them a framed and signed picture of your chapter!

[caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A great example of an NLC thank you card!"][/caption]

You can really get creative with corporate sponsorships; just remember to be yourself because people will adore each and every member of our organization. Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to!