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Energize Oregon

Let’s face it; to learn the skills of a Future Business Leader of America, we take part in some tedious tasks. From one hundred question tests, to the daily work of a local FBLA member, we all get a great deal of valuable experience that isn’t always the most exciting. Keeping that in mind, how often do FBLA members take time to have fun in their local chapter? As high school students, there is a certain level of activity and enjoyment we would like to get out of our extracurricular activities. The Oregon FBLA State Officer Team feels this is an important aspect in maintaining happy FBLA members and recruiting new members in the local area. It was this ideal that lead to the development of the Energize Oregon campaign.

Energize Oregon can take on many shapes and formats, however the main idea behind it is to increase local chapter involvement, recruit new members, and to give students in our communities an exciting event to be involved in on the weekend. From the first go-round of Energize Oregon activities, there were events that ranged from ice cream socials in Stayton to dodge ball tournaments in Grants Pass. Inter-chapter collaboration is also immensely encouraged, much like Elgin FBLA attending the Imbler FBLA Energize Oregon held in September. Consider the idea of a community theatre in your school with concessions available as a fundraiser for the chapter.  We also encourage you to come up with something on your own  and start something new for Energize Oregon!

As we established dates for Energize Oregon, there was a conscious effort in giving chapters an opportunity to promote upcoming statewide events during their Energize Oregon activities. The first was positioned before the Chapter Leadership Tour, as we hoped local chapters would try to wrangle a few more members into joining us. The next one is coming on November 2, right before the Oregon Leadership Institute held in Bend, November 4 and 5. Following those, there will be two dates left this school year; one around our Regional Skills Conferences on February 8, and another before the State Business Leadership Conference held on March 29. These are very valuable to not only inform local members about events they can be involved with, but also to sign them up for competitive events and conferences, too!

While it would be a great opportunity to complete needed membership tasks during Energize Oregon, don’t forget this is a time for FBLA members to have fun, and to build relationships within the chapter. It is our hope that local chapters will take the foundation of ideas we have given to come up with other creative events. Also, it is important to report local Energize Oregon events to members of the state officer team over Facebook, Twitter, or through emailing at the addresses found on the Oregon FBLA website. Now get ready, get set, and go Energize Oregon FBLA!