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Fairytale Your Story at OLI

Oregon Leadership Institute

November 6-7, 2016

Riverhouse Inn, Bend, OR

Keynote Speaker: Bill Cordes

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, the Oregon FBLA state officers were given a quest; search for and bring back a mind-blowing idea for their OLI workshop.

“What is OLI?” one of the Region Vice President’s asked.

“Why, the Oregon Leadership Institute, of course!” their adviser, Dawne, quickly responded.

“Why is it so important that we find a mind-blowing idea for our workshop?” another vice president asked.

“Well, there will be several other Career and Technical Student Organizations there, and their state officers are also on the hunt for amazing workshops,” Dawne replied.

So the state officers started to search high and low for a perfect workshop.

They walked for many days, and found many ideas for a workshop, but none of them seemed like they were mind-blowing. One day, they stumbled upon an old book. It was coated in dust and was well-hidden. Josie, the leader of the group, picked up the book and blew off the cover in an attempt to not damage the book. She slowly opened the heavy front cover to reveal the title page: How to Create an Amazing Workshop. She looked up at the rest of her team and smiled.

“Guys! I think I’ve found what we have been looking for! Come see this,” she said as she readjusted so everyone could see.

A chorus of oooh’s and ahhhh’s circled the group as they flipped to a page entitled Fairytale Your Story.

Members of Oregon FBLA, prepare yourself for the best workshop you have ever attended! Your officers are pleased to present their workshop entitled Fairytale Your Story. To learn more, you’ll have to take the adventurous journey to the Oregon Leadership Institute in Bend, Oregon, on November 6 and 7. We will be excited to see you there!

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