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February 7-13, 2016

FBLA Week is our week to shine; it is a time for celebration and showing thanks to the people who make our success possible. It is also a great time to showcase what FBLA has to offer and promote it to students who are not yet members.

Each chapter plans different activities for each day of FBLA Week. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your chapter’s FBLA Week experience!


Monday: National Presidents’ Forum & Fight to the Finish

Tuesday: Each One Reach One

Wednesday: Adviser Appreciation/Professional Attire

Thursday: Career Awareness Day

Friday: FBLA Spirit Day

Saturday: Community Service Day


Feel free to make it your own! If you want to have your own set of theme days during FBLA Week, do it! Your officer team can come up with some really cool ideas or look online to see what other chapters are doing. How about a super hero day?

Koby - superhero

Have an amazing FBLA Week and remember to have fun!