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From the Board Room May Update

The Board of Trustees Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Anthony Bailey, would like to share an update from the Board of Advisers and Board of Trustees in regards to the excitement and success of Oregon FBLA this past year.

From the Board Room

It has been an exciting year for Oregon FBLA!  In August of 2013, the Board of Advisers and the Board of Trustees held a joint strategic planning session.  During the session the Boards outlined strategic goals for the 2013 – 2014 fiscal year.

The most important objective identified was to re-brand Oregon FBLA.   This process included designing a new logo, promotional materials, development of a new website that is member-focused, and increasing social media used by the organization.  We are well on our way to completing this objective.

Another primary focus identified was to increase opportunities for members to engage with business.  As a part of the State Business Leadership Conference, members were given the opportunity to participate in as many as six different tours of businesses.  This year the options included tours of Adidas, Macy’s, Oregon Convention Center, Pacific Power and Light, Umpqua Bank, and XPlane.  We believe these are great opportunities that may help our members choose their future occupation.

In an attempt to increase involvement by schools and encourage more individuals to become FBLA advisers, the Foundation approved substitute teacher reimbursement for some training events.

As a part of the planning session we took an inventory of board member skills and areas of interest.  We identified areas where we need to recruit members with specific skill sets to strengthen our board to help lead Oregon FBLA into the future.

On the financial front, Oregon Career Technical Student Organizations (including FBLA) received a grant to help expand programs for our members.  Lori Pankratz and Mike Oechsner deserve a lot of credit in helping make this happen.  Because of efforts like these and hard work by our chapter advisers, Oregon FBLA was able to increase student membership and move to FIRST IN THE NATION for Business Achievement Awards earned by our members.  Great job all of you!

We look forward to our joint planning session in August.  Our goal is to continue to improve the experience of our members.  If you have items that you would like us to consider please contact us at OregonFBLA.org.


Anthony Bailey,

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Oregon Future Business Leaders of America Foundation