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How FBLA Prepares You for Your Future

We all remember the first day of high school. Walking into a big building filled with people you’ve never met and then taking a tour of the school. During the tour they always have clubs and organizations advertising what they do and how fun they are. Hopefully FBLA is one of the popular ones at your school.

Most of us were recruited in our first year of high school and have been a part of this amazing organization for quite a while. Some of us are brand new and still have yet to experience everything FBLA offers. Being a part of FBLA has many benefits, but one of the most valuable is gaining skills that you can take with you and use long after high school.

As a member of FBLA you travel a lot, you see a lot, and you learn a lot. Future Business Leaders of America is designed to, well; make you a business leader of America. This includes helping out your community and competing against fellow members.

A common question we hear is “Why should I join FBLA?” My response is simple: “Because FBLA is totally awesome!” It will give you a path to a fantastic future. I have personally found the path I want to take after high school by competing at the State Business Leadership Conference. I competed in Digital Video Production and got second in the state. We got the opportunity to travel to San Antonio and compete at NLC. I didn’t place in the top ten at NLC, but my experiencing and learning about video production sparked a great interest in me. I now film and edit videos on a regular basis and have already decided to build my career around owning a design firm.

By joining FBLA you are taking a proactive approach to your future. FBLA teaches so many different skills and you can learn as many as you would like! Whether you want to be a designer, game designer, or corporate CEO, FBLA has what you need. FBLA is a hands-on learning experience that allows you to use your skills in real world settings similar to what it would be like in an actual career.

You will never look back if you join FBLA. You will gain so much knowledge towards your future career. FBLA truly prepares you for all the twists and turns that you may face after high school. I realize it is frightening to think about, especially for newer members, but don't worry; FBLA will give you the confidence you need to succeed.