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Oregon FBLA Chapter Visits

One of the most important jobs as an Oregon FBLA State Officer is connecting with members. While the entire officer team works throughout the year to connect with members on social media, this doesn’t match the impact that can be made through in-person connections. At every conference, state officers always say how talking with members is their favorite part. Many members also value these interactions, enjoying getting to see state officers as real people and not titles on their computer screen or on stage. These are the connections that Oregon FBLA encourages.

The easiest way members can meet with state officers in person, without having to wait for an annual conference, is to schedule a chapter visit. Chapter visits involve a state officer (most often the one located closest to the chapter) visiting an FBLA chapter meeting or a chapter event. The officer can present on any topic that the chapter or adviser requests, answer any questions the members may have, or simply be an active participant. This is a great opportunity for members to receive the information they want most, from the students leading their state organization.

If you would like to schedule a chapter visit, or learn more, please follow this link: http://www.oregonfbla.org/resources/visits.php.