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Oregon FBLA Wants To Reach YOUR Local Chapter!

The Oregon FBLA State Officer Team conducts chapter visits in our respective regions in order to assist chapters with their own personal development. Throughout the year, State Officers visit chapters and help them increase membership and facilitate any other activities or workshops to boost member involvement. Chapter Visits offer an opportunity for the members to get to know their Regional State Officer, this way any FBLA members who are considering running for a State Officer position can ask any questions they have and are able to find out more about the position they are applying for.

This year the Oregon FBLA State Officer Team has created a brand new program called FBLA Q&A. For this program we will have members from around the state submitting questions for our State Officers on our Oregon FBLA Facebook page. Every month an officer will have a chance to make a video response answering a handful of the questions. We hope this program will be very successful and help our State Officer Team to reach out to many FBLA members across the state of Oregon. FBLA Q&A also gives chapters that need any assistance the platform to ask for help.

Regional Vice Presidents play a very important role in assisting local chapters. Each of the Region Vice Presidents is assigned certain chapters in their regions that they are responsible for communicating with and relaying important information to. It is their responsibility to organize their Regional Skills Conference. The Regional Vice Presidents are also in charge of contacting the advisers in their respective regions to insure they are all updated on all current activities. All of the Regional Vice Presidents contact the advisers several times throughout the year to plan chapter visits and their Regional Skills Conference. This is one of the most effective ways that the State Officer Team is able to assist local chapters.

The State Officer Team wants to help any chapters in need, and wants to have the opportunity to meet as many members as possible. If you feel that your chapter needs any help or simple wants a State Officer to attend an event, reach out to your local Regional Officer and ask for a chapter visit. We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities and want the opportunity to come meet you.