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Pay It Forward

Written by  Josie Notter, Oregon FBLA Executive Vice President


What do you call the simple acts of kindness that touch the people around you? How does this service get started? Well it’s started by a concept of service called Pay It Forward.  Paying It Forward is the act of spreading the good that has been done to you. It’s starting fundraisers for people in need. It’s making someone feel like they matter. Pay It Forward can be as simple as helping someone in some way - no matter how big or small it is.

You joined FBLA, but WHY did you do it? Some join because they want experience, a resume builder, or an after school activity. Then there are some who join to make a difference. If you desire to make a difference in this world, then know that you can through Pay It Forward!

How Pay It Forward Works

When someone does something for you, replicate that service and do the same thing for three new people. Then, imagine if those three people each Paid It Forward to three more people. Meanwhile, this cycle of service continues to spread like wildfire. It becomes greater and greater, until inevitably, this fire becomes impossible to contain. It starts with one person who is willing to make a difference, then it grows into thousands of acts of kindness that go on to change lives.

Pay It Forward in FBLA

As a foundation for FBLA, the FBLA crest has the words: Service, Education, and Progress. Service has been put as the first word in the foundation of FBLA for reasons we can easily come to understand. Through service, we are able to become more aware of the needs in our community, we gain more self awareness of our actions and thoughts, and as a result, there is an affect on our hearts that changes the chemistry in our brains, making us happier. Some call it the “feel-good moment” that happens when you see the effects of your compassion on others. It’s called “giver’s glow,” says Stephen G. Post, director of the Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics at New York’s Stony Brook University.

Pay It Forward and the Super Service Awards

As part of the new Super Service Campaign, it is your task to Pay It Forward. The requirements to complete this section for the Super Service Campaign are as follows:

  • Hold a Pay It Forward Week anywhere between the beginning of the school year and before March 1.
  • Help a person, group, and/or cause in your community.  Accomplish this through showing random acts of kindness, providing care/labor, and/or fundraising for a financial need.
  • Submit a chapter Reflection Form by March 1 that details what was accomplished and provide proof through pictures, videos, publications, etc.

Pay Forward Week Ideas

Our hope is that FBLA will make such an impact on its members that they leave a trail of service wherever they go. So strike a match, and start a Pay It Forward fire with Oregon FBLA. Your Pay It Forward Week could look like this:

  • Monday - Promote the concept of Pay It Forward in your school, community, or virtually through social media bursts, videos, newscasts, and school assemblies.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Hold fundraisers at school or in your community, spread happy thoughts and compassion, or gather needed items for your cause.
  • Friday - Submit a Chapter Reflection Form (Coming soon!) on what your chapter accomplished through these acts of kindness and on the impact made in your chapter, school, community, and/or world.

Tell us about how YOU Paid It Forward

A wufoo form will be available soon so that you can tell us how you Paid It Forward! Sending your input and reflections to us will help us reward your chapter at SBLC and gauge how the Super Service Campaign is progressing. Feel free to attach photos, videos, and documents as well. The submission form is coming soon!