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Respect! Preparation! Earnestness!

It all shows in the way you dress!

Wearing professional attire can get old and sometimes even aggravating. However, there are ways that this business attire can help you portray your image better than faded jeans and a t-shirt.

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Here are a few of the ways in which dressing sharp can help you in life.

1. It Shows Respect

Often times we don’t realize that wearing a suit, tie, slacks, and other dress clothes, we are, in a way, showing respect to the people around us, such as: judges, our boss at work, fellow business employees, etc.

2. It Shows Preparation

Professional attire shows that you are prepared. When you take the time to look nice for a job interview, you will make a better impression. .

Another good example is if you were proposing a contract to a business. If you look shabby and not very well dressed, the business might question how well the contract is written—and, therefore, may not accept the contract—all due to your attire. However, if you were to propose the same contract to the same company but this time had your professional attire on, the company would be more likely to accept your deal.

So as you can see, what you wear reflects back on who you are.

3. It Shows Earnestness

Another impression this kind of clothing gives is earnestness. It can show that you are serious, willing to take the time to dress nicely, and are willing to go the extra step to look nice. This can especially benefit you in your FBLA competitions where you are presenting in front of a panel of judges. These judges will notice how you are dressed, and this gives them a better feel for your personality.

As you can see, the way that you dress greatly reflects your personality, shows respect, and gives the people around you a sense of preparation and readiness on your part. Before you present in your FBLA competitions, make sure that you are ready. Ask a fellow chapter member or your adviser if you look presentable. People around you notice how you look. So, give them a great impression just by the way you dress.