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Why Run for State Officer?

by Josie Notter, State President

Be a State Officer Candidate!

There are so are so many fun and amazing experiences that await you!

It all starts at SBLC.

You campaign at your campaign booth and meet members for hours.

You give a speech!

And if you are lucky, you get to walk up on stage, light your candle, and recite that oath!

But that’s just the beginning…..Then comes the effort, the diligence, the teamwork, the friendships and the experiences that will last a lifetime.

After your induction, you walk backstage and meet the people you’ll be working with for the next year.

You meet your team! You have no idea what’s about to happen....

You get your State Officer Uniform and a shiny new name badge!

You have your first state officer meeting and you prepare for nationals!

You go to nationals and greet members and run a State Meeting for all of

Oregon FBLA NLC attendees!

You run a National Campaign if that’s what you wish to do!

You sleep when you can….

Even meet some National Officers!

Here you begin to bond with your team. Through tiredness, excitement, disappointment, and nervousness, your team is there for you. You can’t help but love them all.

You take silly selfies....

...Meet cool people

You could even meet the CEO of FBLA, Jean Buckley!

Next you have summer break, but that doesn’t mean you get a break from FBLA. No way!

You have conference calls with the team and a State Officer Retreat.

At your State Officer Retreat you…

Film silly videos...and some more silly videos…

And eat fancy dinners...

And well, you do SOME work…

During the school year, you get to do Chapter Visits!

Next, you prepare for OLI.

In Bend, you arrive two days early to practice for your Workshops you will present.

And then you present!

You bond with the Officers from other CTSOs.

And you fall in love with your teammates all over again.

Then you get to look forward to your Regional Skills Conferences

And then you’re back to where it all started….SBLC!

Your term has ended, and you will NEVER forget the memories, the friendships, and the experiences you’ve just had.

So if you are wondering if you should run for state office, do it! It will change your life in the most wonderful way imaginable.